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Saturday, 2 November 2013

How clothes affects our self esteem

Have you ever felt that what you wear affects how you feel about yourself ?
when you are  well dressed  you feel really great about yourself and that because people start to notice you  and say good comments about your outfits,style,new shoes or whatever.  On the opposite ,when your clothes are not what you want for example when you find out how fail is an outfit and its too late to change clothes ,you start being concious about your appearance  you ask your friends for approval and  with a negative comment your like :Oh my god I have to change clothes ,oh everybody thinks that my outfit is a bad choice and etc but that’s not true nobody except the common b..s  isn’t  going to  notice your clothes and start saying bad things .Also sometimes our outfits are just different and that’s why some people want to bully you because you are unique and have a different sense of style im just saying…No matter what you choose Don’t you ever let people bring you down for what you are or wear . Don’t change for other stay in your opinion about what you like and what doesn’t.