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Friday, 1 November 2013

Panic ?No,panic !How to find an outfit out of the blue ...

Your best friend calls you just after work for a drink and you’re very tired to go but also you need some time to relax and have some fun,everyone  would agree that there is nothing better than a good conversation with a friend ,anyway you say yes .And there you are again facing the nightmare of the wardrobe……I have NOTHING to wear time for Panic!! Come on there’s always something that’s been a lot of time since you wore it .In those difficult situations you have to think quickly act practically.
The best way to start is by taking a deep breath before you open the closet .After this open the door carefully because the nightmare is slowly becomes reality … I’m just kidding just do it and look inside …Don’t start dropping random clothes as usual because you won’t find what you looking for without organization! Start with where do you have to go ,who would be there and what makes look and feel good and comfort (avoid high heels if your legs are swollen or you feel too tired ).
Look for a nice pair of jeans or skirt(better be black).Combine them with a cute top and your favourite jellewry . If don’t have a lot of tops or you have wear them milion times then a scarf can make an outfit look brand new .
In my opinion a very formal dress  should be a avoided because high-heels are essential .But if you finally choose the dress just skip the high heels or even  took a  pair of ballerinas with you.
No matter what you choose or how fancy is has to express you don’t wear something because it’s considered as stylish !
Wear whatever you like .Create your style. Be yourself .