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Friday, 12 September 2014

Winter my love

Hello fashionistas,
What's up? Have you seen my last black and white theme look ?
If not, I strongly suggest  you to click here as I'm really happy about this work we've done with my friends to get the best results...

Anyway,today's post is about reasons to love winter no matter what.I know it's pretty difficult to do so as most people have so many responsibilities and really no time at all to relax but I just wanted to give you some positive vibes .

First of all, I can really appreciate rainy days because it's not so common in Greece ...I found rain so liberating and inspiring . I can walk for hours with my headphones on and  sorting my life out ...

In addition,you can finally wear your favourite winter/autumn clothes !
After all these time I can finally slip into my fluffy warm sweater and feel awesome...

On the one hand, cold winter days tend to make me so much more productive and creative .I don't know why ;maybe it is that I have very limited time to do things for myself like blogging so when I get to write a new post I do it right away...Also I have more specific goals and plans to pursue and that is what keeps me motivated (most of the time).

On the other hand,I enjoy more of the little things in life as having an hour free or drinking coffee on a Saturday morning without having to go to school immediately .I love being lazy on winter and watching tv while doing literally nothing but eating (guilty pleasure).

But my favourite part of the year is Christmas ! Two weeks free of school to go out with your friends or to stay in and have fun drinking chocolate and eat your weight in cookies ...The whole world  is celebrating ,you get to be with your loved ones and even to get them some presents ...

If you're a winter person  and enjoy hot chocolate/coffee as much as I do please tell me on the comments below what's you most enjoy to do when it's cold outside !

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