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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

10 random facts and throwbacks to my 16 years old self

Hey guys ,
Welcome back to my blog,
Today while I was debating whether to share my new video with you I had a flashback , two years ago when I was passionate about blogging my outfits I've written an article called  "22 random facts about me"You can read it here  (this is getting embarrassing alright?) I've changed a lot during this time but my motto is still the same "Never compromise , and always be unique ) .
However, I have no idea why have I written how optimistic I'm as a person .
I wanted badly to see things positively
I became a grumpy cat who hates school and people later
And now I want your full attention , and excitement as this year aka  2016  I'm presenting 10 random facts as well !
But , in the video I'm not of course by myself I have my awesome bestfriend and YouTube partner with me :) And I'm so damn grateful for this .
So be sure to check it out ! Subscribe , like , share ! We love dis ones and we really try to create a network so please  share it if you liked it.

Stay tuned for more !
yaaayy and  gayyyyyyyy from me !


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