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Monday, 13 June 2016

My pride experience + tips for those who are hesistant to go

Hey guys , today I decided to talk a little bit about my experience with Pride which is a parade of people supporting the rights of LGTBQ+ people and they are usually a part of that community .
I've been to two prides in Athens (2015-2016) so I thought it would be great to share my experience with you. We've also made a video that you can find here and you should really watch it to feel the vibe of the rainbow :)

First of all, I've had an amazing time to both years as I was with some great people so it really matters to go with people who truly accept you and are passionate as you are for coming to this event .
The good thing about this event is that you can truly be who you are in terms of styling, hair , makeup etc. You can wear all these glossy outfits and glittery makeup that you were too hesitant all these time and feel great .The vibe is really positive , everyone is dancing , its  a colorful parade with all types of people from different backgrounds and identities.
So when it comes to the tips I would like to give to those who are considering going to these type of events , at first, give yourself some time to research issues such as sexual orientation ,gender identities ,asexuality and others .This will help you to be more open minded and avoid any misconception .Another tip is to find a group of people who want to come with you but not meet them there ! Don't make that mistake , there is going to be more people that you have expected so in order to avoid stress and panic meet them before the event somewhere more quiet.
Maybe your parents are not very supportive to these types of demonstrations , my advice to that is either sit down with them and explain why you want to go and how important it is for you or talk to another adult that can talk to them .I'm not going to advice you to lie to them because that might bring a lot of problems if they find out . For example last year a guy from my group of friends couldn't tell his parents about pride so he came without letting them know which occurred into his mother furiously searching for him all over the parade !
So that were my tips so far , let me know what is your experience with pride and how things are in your country.
Stay tuned :)