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Friday, 3 June 2016

Lookbooks behind the scenes + a big truth

Hey guys,
This week is about to end , for those who follow me on YouTube you probably know that this is the end of the “Styling week” , yes we do separate our channel based on weekly themes.
If you have no idea what I’m talking about you can check out each video.

·         Alternative Summer outfits

I wanted to share these with you as we took so many photos and had so much fun in the process.
In addition, I want to ask you to watch them and maybe subscribe to our channel as we did a tremendous amount of work to get them.
You possibly think that making YouTube videos is something very easy and fast to do but I’m telling you the styling and editing for the two lookbooks took us around 2, 5 weeks because we had to go to the same place again and again around 5 times and the editing that it required was so much.
Moreover, I had no clue how to split the images for my first video so it took me around 5 hours just searching for the appropriate software! But I’m not complaining as I’m sooo excited to share them with you ;) So please watch them and tell me your opinion.
We will really appreciate any help by clicking our ads on before the video as we are trying very hard to earn some money to fund our studies .
Also , any feedback or suggestion is more than desirable.


Have fun during the weekend, don’t drink and drive and I’ll see you soon ;)