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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Athens street style moments

How was your weekend did you do something special?
Personally,I had an amazing time on Saturday going to the mall  with  my friends  although we fought and finally ended up splited ! I was in the confusing teenage mood of being sad and confused and lonely at the same time ...Everything was so weird ...But I actually had so much fun and laughed so damn  hard (Yolo!) and I came to the decision that I don't need any negative people in my life anymore (only good vibes !).
Today,with my friend Amalia (she's a youtuber and you should really check  her chanel out as  she is  very talended and she needs support  , I swear!) we were hanging out all morning  ,taking a lot of photos ,really enjoying ourselves ,looking for clothes and new outfits and jellewry ... Im so happy sharing these photos with you .I hope you like them as much as I do .