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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Work that body (with style)

If you're determined to make up your realationship with the gym , you're new  at the fitness journey or just simply want to refresh your "fitness" style then you might have to deal with the "nothing to wear"  problem . The reason why I created this post is because  Im always in trouble of what to wear  at the gym and sport clothes can be rather expensive. Don't worry; follow these easy tips and you will look amazing all the time without breaking a bank either  .

Fistly,bear in mind that you have to feel extremely comfortable in your clothes as you don't want anything to disturb you while you're working out .Look for clothes that not  only will look nice when you're standing or simply walking but also can be practical when you're doing planks or running for example.But the only way to know exactly is by trial and error .
Moreover,don't get carried away by advertisments and spend great amounts of money for things you don't need . For example ;focus more on your routine than a new water bottle.
Cheap and chic 

For prices and shop's adresses visit my polyvore account:
for running here 
for dancing here

Also If you want to shop amazing tops and much more then you should visit blogilate's shop .
 Cassey Ho  is an amazing talended designer and trainer ... Btw her workouts are just awesome ; I dare you to try one of them on her youtube chanel ...

Take a look at some of her designs:

·         Don't let clothes bring you down and stop you from progress.
·        Be stronger than you stronger excuse.
·        Don't exaggerate.

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