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Monday, 6 January 2014

Do it like a dude

How to get the boyish look 

If you're in  love boyfriend jeans (which are totaly in style this year )and oversized sweaters learn how to mix them to create some amazing outfits which of course will not break a bank but they will be very comfortable and elegant...

Ι personally think that  the boyish look wore by women is totaly amazing and you should give it a try if you consider yourself as  a fashionista whose is trial of  thinking outside the box .

Must haves for this look are : blazers (the classic inspired piece by  boy's wardrobe ),a white plain shirt ,a pair of baggy jeans and of course flat shoes .

First of all,before you hit the shops take a look at your own wardrobe or your older brother's (if he lets you )to find some old pieces to convert to something new for example an old tie or a plain white shirt but please ask politely if you can borrow something don't fight for that matter .

Let your imagination run wild by mixing and converting for example some baggy  jeans that are just take space in your closet will do the trick have you ever thought of cutting them out ?

I also found some really nice looks and I created some cheap-and-chic ideas about how to get the look .

8)€110 OFFICE.CO.UK,9)€16 HM.COM,10)€24 ZAPPOS.COM



3)€9,62 HM.COM, 4) €15 UNIQLO.COM

5)€28 MODCLOTH.COM, 6)8,54 NYX


2)€15 REI.COM,

3)€110 MACYS.COM,

  • 5)€22 ZARA.COM


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