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Friday, 31 January 2014

Review :essence hand cream

essence 24h hand protection balm 
Today,after a friend's recommendation I purchased a hand cream .
After I tested it on my hands I was totally amazed .
It was  available in three flavors; dark chocolate and banana ,dark chocolate and strawberry,dark chocolate  and kiwi (I got the dark chocolate and banana)
Not only did it smell awesome  but it's pretty effective on dry hands as well.It's tantalisingly smell makes you want to eat it ...
In addition, I was thrilled with the price as its costs 2,50 euro per 100ml !
As I mentioned it's protects hands from dryness and provides moisture & care .
I would definitely repurchase it and I recommend it .

Advantages: Amazing smell,effective on dry hands .

Disadvantages: It's smell is very sweet and some people might hate it.

What's your favourite hand cream and why?