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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Grammys 2014 fashion alert

On Sunday ,January 2014 the 56th Grammy awards were held in Los Angeles with performances from Lorde, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Jay Z, Beyonce and more.

For more information about the winners and nominations  click here .As it's not my thing to announce the winners because I prefer to talk about their clothes choices instead.

Shine bright like a diamond

 Taylor Swift was very well dressed as usual without any doubt she is one of the most well dressed celebrities in general.Her melatic- glitter maxi dress was totally a hit ! 


Chrissy Teigen

I personally loved  that glittery Johanna Johnson gown ,it really does made her shine and it was a rather impressive appearance .


Isn't Ciara the cutest pregrant you've ever seen? 
Her Gucci golden gown was one of favourite dresses of the event  as well...

Regardless of her akward poses, Pink rocked in her  Johanna Johnson's dress . Also she showed us her amazing fitness body  which she has achieved after a lot of hard work! 


 Beyonce is definitely the queen so her amazing lace
Michael Costello gown was just a typical of her  always amazing style ...


Miley Cyrus after some disaster appearances she finally did great job and showed us her cute and sexy side  as she wore a fuchsia fur and mixed it with her innocent look. Also I'm in love with her hair and make up... Excellent job Miley ! 

But my most favourite one was Katy Perry in her 
 fairy princess skirt with musical notes   ...I don't even  remember to have seen something that bears resemblance to  this unique creation of Valentino .


Epic Disaster 


What was my first thought when I saw that ? Who is she and what is she doing there?...Sorry not sorry not only I have never seen her before  but I can't even think saying anything better  than; "this outfit sucks."
1/10 *at least her bib necklace was nice.

 Madonna is that you? My first thought; Oh NO she didn't !  Golden teeth SERIOUSLY?
*Her outfit was fine but I can't dislike enough those golden teeth...

 Chrisette Michele
Ok baroque patterns are in style butv in  this  colorful way  is way too much .
Also I believe it's a rather  confusing blazer  as well .Defitely it was not the best nor the worst outfit.


 Skylar Grey
This is the last gown I hated from the Grammys (at least for the moment).It was a really bad choice as you have to look carefully to even see the dress ! Is that weird?


I would love tho hear what was your favourite appearance as well .Let me know on the comments below.