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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Lazy Sunday !

Today,I'm enjoying a lazy Sunday which means I have actually time to do things I couldn't the rest of the week .  So with that rainy weather it's better to stay in home and have fun instead of going out and I decided to share with you some of  my favourite "homade" activities.

1)Watching movies
I love movies so much , come on who can resist to the relaxing moment when you have nothing to do and can just stay in the couch watching a romantic movie or else?

In order to be creative to this activity I need to have plenty of time; to think,to experiment,to fail so it is something that can be very stressful to me the rest of the week ...Let your imagination run wild and draw something as well ...

3) Listen to music
Yes,I know you just do this everyday but when I say listen I mean look for a new kind of music or artist ,look at the lyrics try to explain the meaning ...

For some people cooking is very stressful activity but not for me .I love trying new recipes and mostly desserts regardless the messy kitchen after.

That's not common ha? Anyway I love it and I believe is the most anti-stress activity (try it you have nothing to loose ).

What's your favourite  to -do-at- home activity?