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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Enjoy the little things in life

There's is no right moment in life  for starting believe that life is pretty amazing .
The happiest people don't have everything they want ,they just make the best of everything.
Look around you ,isn't amazing that every new day is a new page ?

Everyday is a new begging take the chance and start again stretch and reach the sky then smile and do what you promised you will do the day before ...Even if something bad happened yesterday or it's going to be a tough day remember that your are strong enough to deal with it. Did you make a mistake ? Accept it,think about it for a couple of minutes,forgive yourself and move on...

There so many better things to do when your sad than crying to yourself ; please don't do that you don't deserve to suffer !Go for a walk,drink some tea ,read a book,listen to your favourite music ,eat pizza (pizza always helps)...Give yourself a break from everything and do something that relaxes you .

Do be afraid to take risks ;life is about living not waiting .Go and talk to the person you want (I know it is difficult) but what do you have to loose?
Get rid of negativity and that means negative people as well .Don't wait for something to get better it won't and you're just wasting your time ...

The most important thing in life is learn to accept and respect yourself,accept that your are not your flaws and being healthy and full of life is the most important part and not to be skinny or whatever. Don't let society bully you and underestimate you ,don't get fooled that being fat is an insult you are not your weight ! Your worthiness has nothing to do with the way you look either...

Lie in the sunshine and dare to dream like failure isn't a thing .
If you don't like a book then don't finish it ,laugh so damn hard with your best friend even if other people stare at you,take a lot of crazy pictures to remember when your old .For god sakes do what makes you happy !